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Kris Kohl

The Skunk and the Canadian Rendezvous!

Submitted by Kristy Kohl on Thu, 05/27/2010 - 04:12.

This last week made me wonder why we have such a ruckus and problem with our Southern border. I sold a horse, Midnight Skunk, to a gentleman in Calgary, Alberta this last week and it was kind of a rushed deal as he wanted to have him there by the weekend. I believe it was Tuesday or Wed. when he decided to purchase the horse. Now this sounds pretty uneventful, but the truth is, to get this nice ranch horse into Canada was like trying to hide a rifle in an apple pie. I was to deliver the horse to the border with one trouble, I did not have a passport, nor did Mike. I envisioned unloading Skunk and tossing the leadrope to the other side, toes on the white line....

Getting a same day coggins was the easy part, which was sent down to Helena Fed-Ex with his health certificate. (By the way Montana does not have an overnight Fed-Ex, something I did not know until then). This was done on Wed. and sent to Helena crossing our fingers that it would be there by Thursday. We decided to use a hauler who could deliver him directly into Alberta. He would need to go out of his way to Helena to ensure he had the papers signed by the State Vet. This added another small hump- you then need a broker at the border to act on the new owners behalf, which isn't hard, just added money and paperwork. Then there is the process of transfering funds from Canadian to U.S. dollars and bank transfers. We spent a good day or two chatting and making arrangements and comprimises. Luckily, Mike was a great sport about the whole ordeal, and Skunk didn't mind the trouble at all. He was loaded and dropped off in Calgary by Friday night! So next time you need a horse by the weekend, we are all set to go! I was beginning to think he was traveling to another country, not just our good neighbors to the North. I hope I don't have to go through so much to go to Calgary for the Stampede!