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Kris Kohl

The senses of a Horse!

Submitted by Kristy Kohl on Sun, 02/27/2011 - 02:19.

I know it has been awhile since I have posted a blog, but life is funny that way, it just slips right on past no matter what you are doing, so you can either enjoy life and wake up everyday with the intention to make it the best day possible, or let it get the best of you, either way, its one more day you can't get back!


I was thinking today of all the great horse stories, and quotes, and movies. I hope that you have all had the chance to watch Secretariat, what an inspiring movie in more ways than one. It is amazing how just watching a horse can pull at your heart strings. I know that I myself, knowing the history and outcome, found myself on the edge of my seat, cheering him on, as if I was their in the stands some 30 plus years ago. 


Even Seabiscuit can teach us a great lesson in horses and in life. Although I don't promote breeding anything than to try to produce the best in what you are looking for, we can not always judge a book by its cover and as in life, one man's trash is another mans' treasure. Sometimes the ability to see what is inside one's soul, their fire and fight for life and success is what makes great trainers, not just ability. To see something that others might point out as flaws in the physical body, but to look past that and see the most determined person or animal is what makes them suceed. For those who do not know the whole story on Seabiscuit, he was actually rejected by several for his crooked front legs, yet look how amazing he was, and we still remember him today. He was the underdog, he fought to be the best and his desire and heart won over his physical limitations and "flaws". 


I think of a quote by the great Ray Hunt who said in one of his books, "Believe in your horse so your horse can believe in you!" He has a great little book with good words to remember, especially when we are trying to "dust off" our horses this spring and get back in riding shape. 


I really got off subject here, but just help me get back here, do me a favor and close your eyes (after finishing these next sentences of course). 

Imagine yourself with your horse, is their any other animal that you can think of that truly inspires our senses so deeply? 

Even though I am sitting at my computer, I can smell the sweet scent of horse hair, and sweat after a ride. I can feel his soft warm sides and the heat from his muzzle. I can see his amazing display of muscles and strength but see in his eyes his gentle nature. Hear his sweet little nicker and how it makes you feel.  If your a true horse person you can most likely attest to tasting some dirt once in a while, either brushing a horse out, or for some of us, flying through the air and literally eating dirt! What other animal can we essentially become one with and work together in such harmony? Horses sure are amazing creatures!

Can you feel it? As Winston Churchill said "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man".