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Kris Kohl

The Horse called "Kawasaki"

Submitted by Kristy Kohl on Sun, 01/18/2009 - 05:04.

Sometimes you hear a good story and just wish you could have been there with a video camera, or at least have been a fence post watching everything unfold. The boys had to gather the bulls this fall and move them to their Bachelor pad for winter. Now this sounds simple, but sometimes the bulls are quite smitten of the ladies and rather stay right where they are at. They managed to get all of the bulls without too much trouble except one young fellow who felt he needed a few more phone numbers to gather before moving on. They managed to get him seperated eventually and the bulls were content to meander around the corrals while the boys came in for lunch. They had put in a full days work on the horses, and would return with the trailer to haul them after a hot meal. Low and behold when they returned the bull had "gracefully" broken the fence down and escaped back to his waiting ladies.

A call was made and Justin came up with the four-wheeler. The bull was staring him down with a rope around his neck in disgust that someone would try to get in between him and his date with destiny. Now, being on a ranch you sometimes have to compromise. So they found a large hook that the boys (both 6'3'' and 245) would ride the four wheeler, one driving with the other on front close enough to catch the loop of the rope with the hook and pull it off. They would then use the four wheeler to drive him back to the corrals. Sounds simple enough right? All up onto the part where Tyler missed the rope which then became entangled in the rear axle of the four wheeler. At this point you can only imagine how happy the bull was with the two of them and the four wheeler. He took off draging them across the pasture this way and that circling around and veering left and right while they tried to keep the four wheeler upright. They both reached for their pocket knives to cut the rope, which are usually like an extension of their body, both came up with nothing. At this point Tyler got scared and jumped off leaving Justin on his own to bounce around the pasture.

Eventually the rope broke and they were back to square one- an unhappy bull with a rope on and a not so enthusiastic crew. Thus the tried and true code of the Old West- you can't dally your rope to "Kawasaki" and sometimes only a true horse will do!