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Kris Kohl

The Christmas Tree and the Black Morgan

Submitted by Kristy Kohl on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 00:33.

As Christmas fast approaches, the smell of a Christmas Tree and hot cocoa bring back childhood memories. One of my favorite comical Christmas memories with a horse was a family tree adventure. We always went out as a family and  found the biggest fullest Christmas Tree we could find on our land (we had cathedral ceilings so the tree was about 12 feet tall, usually taking up the whole living room). This particular year my dad decided to harness up my moms black Morgan (Trina) and let her earn her keep a little during the winter. We bundled up and trudged through the deep snow thick into the woods and after picking out several possibilities we settled on a beautiful full tree thick with branches and full all around. It was the perfect Christmas Tree.  We took a traditional picture in front and then cut it down. We were all set and headed back to the house down an old logging trail when Trina spooked and took off, not down the logging trail mind you, she made a bee line straight through the woods towards the barn which was about half a mile away. My dad, determined to stop this from happening held fast and tried to calm her down to no avail. Soon he was flat on his face being drug through the snow and trees with the perfect tree bouncing and twirling through the air launching branches every which way. Finally my dad let go after launching off of a tree stump and away shot Trina faster then ever, perfect tree and all spinning and swirling away through the woods. We trudged home to find her waiting quietly at the gate by the other horses, with a now not so perfect Christmas tree behind her. We got everything set up in the house and our perfect tree was now 12 feet of muttled mess with a few branches here and there and large bare spots. My ingenious dad ended up drilling holes in the tree and adding branches to fill in the gaps to make a somewhat presentable tree.


Sometimes the biggest mishaps in our life end up being the most memorable and cherished times in our lives!